Monday, July 20, 2009

Quantum Science Fiction


Today I join the blogosphere. Big question: why? Is this guy just another schmoe going online to rattle his own cage about the doings of his puppy and what brand of raisin bran he prefers on Tuesdays?

Man, I hope not. If my writing is reduced to that then wheel me off to the assisted living tomb and strap me to a bed (with a bowl of Total). In the immortal words of Louis Jordan “Jack, you dead.”

I’m a science fiction novelist, among other things, and I figured I’d start sharing and exploring the avenues of the warped out brand of fiction I like to read and write, and the even more warped field of science I’m a fan of.

What would that be, you ask? Why, string theory, quantum gravity, raspberry flavored upquarks and a whole 3 branepan full of other stuff involving planck scale mechanics.

I want to explore stories that can take place inside that amazing universe. Search as I might, I haven’t found many people who write stories from this perspective. Big shock. Huge. So I decided I better invent me up a genre.

Here it is. Ta Da! Now introducing “Quantum SF”. Catchy, oui?

Well, catchy or not, you heard it here first! That’s what I’ll be centering my blog around. Hard SF concepts involving quantum gravity and the quantum scale universe.

I’m not a scientist I’m a writer which gives me licence to bend the facts around the gravity well of my own imagination. My apologies to any physicists that join the discussion and find my ‘truths’ to be anything less than self evident.

Feel free to roll up your sleeves and correct my errors in planck judgement. Any and all ideas about writing, thinking and talking about sci fi and quantum mechanics are welcome.

In keeping with my blog name, my posts will tend to be condensed and to the point. Don’t let that stop you from telling your tale in whatever way suits.

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