Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quantum Thinkers

Okay, I took the summer off to, you know, get a life. Now the weather's cooling and I'm off to the races.

I've read a lot of fascinating perspectives on the TOE and GUT (Grand Unification Theory and Theory of Everything to those outside the box) and, being a moderate liberal, decided to compromise and invent my own.

For starters, let me acknowledge the great brains I cribbed from. Lisa Randall's vision of large higher dimensional braneworld. Lee Smolin spells out some outstanding concepts in quantum gravity and Loop Quantum Theory. The daddy of M theory: Edward Witten.
A fun alternative theory is the MOG (Modified Gravity) by John Moffat. Then, among a host of others, are Brian Greene and Michio Kaku for string and other quantum perspectives.

From there, I jump off a cliff and hope my own modest ideas will keep me aloft.
Coming up: Kovachi's Time-Gravity Intercommutative Force (TGIF) theory.

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