Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

What's the scoop with Dark Matter?

There's still no experimental proof of the existence of dark matter and dark energy. We can't see it, feel it, reflect it, or find it. BUT it balances many GUT (Grand UnificationTheories) that proponents say it's got to be there. They point to many examples of physical realities that we couldn't prove when they were theorized that later were confirmed. On the other side, theorists who don't want to rely on unsubstantiatable (is that even a word?) phenomena to balance their equations are reluctant even skeptical to put dark matter into the mix.

There is no right or wrong here. It's all still theory so the search for a TOE (Theory of Everything - ain't it great when you can have a bunch of acronyms that mean the same thing) continues. The key is in balancing gravity on the large scale with planck scale. So, of course, dark matter weighs a TON (theory of nothing - that one was mine).

I wonder who might be hiding in the dark matter? What if there is a consciousness that doesn't want to be seen? Wouldn't it be frightful if we discover the existence of God in dark energy? Reminds me a bit of Arthur C. Clarke's short story The Nine Billion Names Of God. In that tale, a computer calculated all the incarnations of God and ended existence as we know it.

What if we light up this dark matter and don't like what we see.

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