Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TGIF Part 4: The Kovachi Theory

The Kovachi Temporal Gravitational Interlacing Force (TGIF) Grand Unification Theory
Part 4: The Kovachi Theory

Evan Kovachi focused his later career on quantum gravity theory and discovered that the key ingredient wasn’t gravity but time. He began his studies as a string/M theorist but the constant shifting of variables in string theory bothered his Einsteinian belief that God would not create a universe that was that complicated. Still, the concept that the smallest particles of matter as vibrating strings had a sense of poetry and resolved fundamental quantum questions.
String theory supposes that each primordial string, of which there are approximately 50, has an energy/mass value that is created by it’s vibration signature. This is as simple a place to start as any but it leaves us to question what is this string made of? Where does it come from? What produces that vibration and why?
At that point Kovachi wondered if you turned the formula on its head, would it read any better? For example, E=MC2 is the same as M=E/C2. But, is it really? Mass and energy aren’t interchangeable, much as they share many of the same properties. So if instead of the string creating a vibration, what if the vibration created the string? What if there is no string - only a vibration? That vibration creates energy, which in turn = mass. So if there isn’t even a string at all, or even a particle, what are we left with? A vibration. What is a vibration but energy +time. If energy and mass are constant, then time is the variable (i.e. increasing the vibration will increase the mass energy) That makes time the basic building block of all particles. This breakthrough led Kovachi through a 20 year labyrinth of theoretical contortions that eventually resulted in the Quantum Particle of Time theory, also known as TGIF Theory.

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