Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TGIF Part 7: The Three Genies

The Kovachi Temporal Gravitational Interlacing Force (TGIF)Grand Unification Theory
TGIF Part 7: The Three Genies

Kovachi concluded that time, energy, and gravity are the three building block elements of the universe and energy is created through the combined force of the other two. Let's examine that by looking at the mother of all gravity wells: black holes. Some modern theories that warp the gravitational constant through branes or create higher dimensions to resolve gravity’s anomalies, negate the mathematical need for the black hole. In some ways it’s trading one metaphor for another. However, in the Kovachi model the black hole is the crucible of matter. In fact, the big bang was a black hole. If we suppose that all that existed in the beginning was time and gravity, where does matter come from?
As expressed earlier, Kovachi proposed that time is in fact the fundamental particle. The vibration itself is what makes up energy and therefore mass. The higher the cycle of energy, the greater the mass. So the universe starts with one single vibration of infinite energy and infinite time creating infinite gravity which expresses itself as infinite density. This is what makes up all black holes, but the original one, the big bang, began with a single vibration.

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