Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TGIF Part 8: The Big Bang

The Kovachi Temporal Gravitational Interlacing Force (TGIF)Grand Unification Theory
Part 8: The Big Bang

Expressing the singularity as a vibration also helps answer a few other conundrums. For instance, what caused this infinitesimal nugget of a universe to become unstable in the first place and explode it’s goodies to create space, matter, and ultimately us? Observational physics informs us that we know everything back to the first microseconds but can't see the original moment. Or do we? We can’t compress time and space and energy all into that tiny place without leaving ourselves open to a million questions.
However, if we suppose that those ‘microseconds’ were in fact millennium or billions of years on a compressed time scale because, as relativity demonstrates, the faster we go, the slower the observed time, and the more compressed space becomes, that makes the bang inevitable. Assume for a moment that there is no objective speed of light, then it is subject to the velocity context it exists in. The same goes for time, because as velocity increases, time decreases. Is there really a T=0? That only supposes that the original bang is ‘ground zero’ giving T a value of 0. But relativity does not teach us there is a bottom or a top. So we have velocity of our vibration increasing, time slowing and density (gravity) going through the roof. A volatile cocktail that has to reach a tipping point and explode.
Remember that density in this case is a manifestation of gravity, not the other way round. Gravity itself is a relative constant tied to the vibration of time. In fact, if we take our quantum equations as predicted down to the planck scale, we get a very different response from gravity than we do on a general relativity scale. A more consistent and controlled response because the vibrations create the density/gravity. We only recognize gravity as a weak force in the greater universe because we assume that it should respond more uniformly as it does on a quantum scale. But the fact that it has incredible reach through what can be fundamentally considered empty space indicates that the planck scale time/gravity vibration preexists matter. In some way, we could consider that each particle/vibration of time is a mini gravity well or black hole, an ‘event’ which could be called ‘a particle of time’ that connects to other events and makes up the fabric of space.

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